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Feb 11/Details for the Week Ahead

This official forecast for the next 10 days  in the vicinity of my Salisbury weather station is from Weather Underground, the most trusted source for accurate weather information.

Why WU, and not the National Weather Service, Accuweather, Weather Bug, or others? WU is a network of thousands of home weather stations around the world. They are able to compile data that allows them to forecast weather as close to your backyard as anybody can get.  Take a look, for example, at all of the local weather stations reporting this Sunday morning at 10 AM in the Salisbury/Ocean City area.


WU actually prepares individual forecasts local to those backyards.  Here is the WU link to my Salisbury station which is a bit more than 3 miles WNW of town.

When I look at my station data I feel confident that my 48 hour outlook is pretty spot on.  When looking ahead, 3 to 7 days or more out, the confidence level begins to drop, so modifications in the forecast invariably take place as future dates approach.

Once we get past Monday the chances for rain will diminish this week.  There will be lots of cloudy periods but the amount of measurable precipitation will be small.  Thursday looks to be springlike, with warm temperatures and breezy conditions.

All of the weather models predict some form of precipitation on the weekend, but their specific forecasts are open to modification as the weekend approaches.  For those of you who get excited by looking forward to wintry weather you might be interested in the Euro Model forecast for Wicomico County this weekend.  Here is the map.

As for me, I will not get worked up about this unless the map still looks like this on Thursday evening!  My advice to you……work out, not up!

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