Salisbury MD

Feb 5/National Weatherperson’s Day


O.K. The whole day went by and I bet nobody thought to celebrate “National Weatherperson’s Day!” You know, it is not too late to thank a weatherman for all that he/she does to help us plan our day. What do we wear? Do I have to leave home early? Can I cookout tonight? Can I plan my snow day? Will my kid’s game be canceled?

We all remember the times the weatherman got it wrong!  That’s natural I guess, but please stop and think about the boring and mundane days where nothing spectacular happens weatherwise.  We forget those days because they are simply so normal that they become forgetful.  The weatherman predicted those too!  They are more often right than wrong.  The alternative, I suppose, is to do it yourself.  Wait a minute, I think that’s what I”m doing!

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