Salisbury MD

Feb 4/Super Bowl or Super Soaker?

You can actually have both today!  While I can’t predict the outcome of today’s game (Are these eagles on ice or can they just fly away at will in search of AFC prey?), I can tell you that rainfall this afternoon and into the evening is highly likely.

Mild temperatures today will fall to around, or just below, freezing overnight.  The rain, however, should end prior to the arrival of the freezing temperatures.

Tomorrow, unless your team loses, will be sunny and bright with a typically cold February chill in the air.

The Week Ahead:  This week will bring a roller coaster like ride in terms of both temperatures and precipitation.  We will see cold days and mild days.  We will see sunny skies as well as rainy ones.  It will be back and forth.  One thing that seems fairly certain is that we are not likely to see any snowfall for the next week.  Here is a look at projected snowfall in the region during Monday’s rush hour.


Could that change?  Of course, because the accuracy of weather models is very high for 2 to 3 days ahead. Four days out up to a week away can sometimes be nothing more than an educated guess.  Here is the current thinking.


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