Salisbury MD


I’ve been a weather nerd all of my life, and all of my life has been spent in Salisbury, Maryland.  That doesn’t make me an expert but it does give me some insight into historical weather patterns on the Delmarva Peninsula.

I’m not sure why weather has become such a passionate following for me.  Perhaps it goes back to my youth when my friends and I would look forward to a snow day or two away from school.  I always enjoyed learning so I suppose it was just inherent in my nature to learn about the weather and make my own predictions.  As it turns out, I got pretty good at it!  My friends and family started to depend on me for my “prediction” and to this day that still happens.

I can remember beginning to record daily high and low temperatures as a young boy, safeguarding the data for future use.  When reaching my middle school years I learned the value of having a barometer and observing wind direction.  I began to study weather maps, learning the properties of fronts and high and low pressure weather systems.  I just got excited by all of the learning.

Eventually, I purchased my first weather station and continued to collect weather data.  With the advent of the internet, of course, it became easy to share that data with others.  I have been uploading data continuously to the Weather Underground since January 25, 2004.  The station ID is KMDSALIS2 and it is located a bit over 3 miles WNW of downtown Salisbury.

As time goes by my plan is to convert this blog into a full time “go to” weather destination for people in the Salisbury area.  It will be fun to talk to local folks about the weather; especially when I get it right, but even when I’m wrong!

I hope you’ll be patient and check back frequently as I embark on this endeavor.

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