New Year’s Eve may be wet. New Year’s Day could flirt with record warmth!

The New Year’s Eve celebrations have already begun for Ravens and Eagles fans. Last year Salisbury only reached a high temperature of 25 degrees on New Year’s Eve.  What a difference a year makes! We are likely to see a period of rain this afternoon and tonight with temperatures that climb throughout the day.  I […]

Today will be the last beautiful day of 2018.

Abundant sunshine takes over after some early morning clouds and temperatures will rise into the mid 50’s making for an incredible December day.  I’m sure many of us will take the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the Delmarva Peninsula on this, the last, really beautiful day of 2018. Partly cloudy and cooler skies return […]

The 60th anniversary of the “Greatest Game Ever Played” will be rainy, windy, and warm.

The Baltimore Colts defeated the New York Giants 23 to 17 on this date 60 years ago today in what has forever since been touted as “The Greatest  Game Ever Played” in the National Football League. While it may not have been literally the “greatest” game ever, the fact that it was played on a […]

What will the weather be like on the day after Christmas?

Those of us not returning presents today may find ourselves looking forward to some rest and relaxation as we prepare for New Year’s Eve.  Those of us disappointed by the lack of a white Christmas may begin to anticipate walking in our own winter wonderland sometime in the near future. While no snow is in […]

Here’s a look at Salisbury’s White Christmas history.

Salisbury does not often see a White Christmas. Here is a trivial look at our history. The last time that Salisbury saw snow on Christmas Day was in 2010, however it does not qualify as a White Christmas.  Why?  The National Weather Service defines a White Christmas, in deference to the famous poem we all […]

Can we please have a little peace on earth?

My goodness! The Secretary of Defense, a patriot with 40 years of honorable military service, resigns because he cannot reason with a president who would rather trust his gut regarding national security. The US has no Attorney General. The president has no Chief of Staff. The stock market has entered “bear” territory for the first […]

A supercalifragilisticexpialidocious weekend begins.

Our weekend begins with people lining up at the box office to see all of the movies that are being released for the holidays.  We’ll have supercalifragilitsticexpialidocious weather.  It’ll also be a good day to tidy up a bit outside or maybe even clean the chim  chimney! Expect temperatures to top out at about 50 […]

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